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Known for a Daytime Emmy Award-winning performance in "Take This Lollipop" and a ratings-winning role on CBS-TV's "Criminal Minds," Bill Oberst Jr. is an American actor whose real-life gentleness and interest in things spiritual are at odds with his often macabre screen persona.

The premiere of the "Blood Relations" episode of CBS-TV's "Criminal Minds," in which Oberst debuted his deformed killer character (guest starring with Adrienne Barbeau and Tobin Bell) was that evening's most-watched television program. CBS included Oberst's character in their list of "Criminal Minds' 14 Most Notorious Serial Killers." The character remains one of only a handful of uncaptured "Criminal Minds" killers.


He is perhaps most widely-known internationally as the face of director Jason Zada's "Take This Lollipop," awarded a Daytime Emmy Award by the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences in the category of New Approaches-Daytime Entertainment. Oberst has been seen by over 100 million viewers worldwide as an online stalker in the interactive application for Facebook users.

JoAnna Lloyd was born December 11, 1984 in Garfield Heights, OH USA. She is of Polish, Russian and Irish heritage as well as the youngest of four children. JoAnna is an actress known for Fully Functional (2015), Uberzombiefrau (2015) and Will to Live (2014). Aside from acting, her hobbies include roller skating, yoga, traveling and spending time outdoors.

Fred Williams is a native of Erie Pennsylvania with several theater and film credits as actor and producer. He is best known for his performances in "There Are No Goodbyes", "Empire", "Before the Border", "Angel of Reckoning", "Hellcat's Revenge" and "Blood Prism".


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